Prenatal DNA Testing While Pregnant

The Benefits Of Cell Line Authentication

There are so many researches that came to an end even before its true potential came out. This is not uncommon these days due to the high standards that the world is looking for. Especially in the field of science where every single discovery has to be submitted under the scrutiny of scholars. There are thousands of researchers who want their findings published. Due to this every single biomedical research is given years of hard work to reach its ultimate goal. If you are one of these researchers then you have to make sure that you look into every single detail of your work. Aside from this, you also need to look into cell line authentication which can bring you closer to your goal. Here are some of the common questions with regards to this authentication process.

Why Should I Get My Cell Line Authenticated?

The validity of your research relies on the cell line that was used in testing. Since the NIH or National Institutes of Health already issued a notice (Notice: NOT-OD-08-017) with regards to cultured cells, it will be in your best interest to adhere with these guidelines. You want to make sure that your STR cell line is validated to be able to gain grants or get published. There have been a lot of issues when it comes to these types of biomedical researches. The problem of not properly identifying cell cultures poses a great threat to your research or your medical work. Acquiring the help of TESTING4DNA to process your cell line authentication will benefit you greatly in the near future.

What Possible Problems Can I Face If I Don't Get A Cell Line Authentication?

The NIH has already rejected numerous researches due to cross contamination and misidentification. If your cell line is found to be under these categories then you may have to say goodbye to your years of hard work. This is the reason why TESTING4DNA encourages you to authenticate your cell line. You'll be able to rest well knowing that you've gone through every single worst case scenario before submitting your research.

What Benefits Will I Be Able To Gain From Cell Line Authentication?

First and foremost, you will be able to get a full report on the validity of your cell line. You'll be able to rest well at night knowing that your cultured cells are clean. After that, you will be very confident when you submit your work to different journals. At the moment there are different journals that require researchers to authenticate their cell lines before they are published.

Some examples of these journals are:
Cancer Research, Cancer Discovery, International Journal of Cancer, Cancer Prevention Research, Molecular Cancer Research, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics and so much more. You can be sure that you have a high chance of getting published with the help of cell line authentication at TESTING4DNA.

Not to mention the grants that you can get once your research has been published. There is nothing more to say when it comes to the benefits that cell line authentication can give you. You can certainly reach that dream with a simple test that will bring your mind at ease.
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