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The Forensic DNA Testing Process:

DNA Tells It All
Every story a criminal case tells is worthy of a soap opera drama- complete with its own set of twists and evidences linking each events with each other. We can never go back to the actual event of the crime, but there certainly are some procedures that let us peek through the past and weave each evidence in order to reconstruct the crime scene and break all barriers towards understanding the real truth behind every puzzle in the crime.

Whether you are a defendant who wants to clear up your name and prove your innocence, or a victim of a crime who seeks justice, TESTING4DNA understands your plight. With our highly experienced forensic DNA experts and stringent tests, our DNA testing services are both unbiased and comprehensive. Being associated in a crime, whether defendant or victim, isn't really an easy place to be with. We understand the process of justice and due process hence we do our best to carry out your forensic DNA needs with high accuracy. We treat every case with high urgency and not just another typical work. With our top-notch accreditation, we address each case with high legal professionalism.

But what should be the right forensic DNA testing process? There are five major processes that should be followed in every DNA testing process to arrive at a systematic and unbiased forensics result. There processes include: submission of evidence, data screening, comprehensive serology test, analysis of data and finally the interpretation of these results.

Submission Of Evidence

Every case needs a set of evidence in order to either prove your innocence or prove your claim against the suspect. Either way, you have to consult first the forensic team of TESTING4DNA regarding your case and after that comes the submission of your evidence. These evidence are usually submitted with a custody form on separate containers which should be sealed and initialed with the cases details.

Data Screening And Comprehensive Serology Test

Our expert forensic team will then screen this data and determine which one of them can be used well. We also study the evidence first and intricately device a strategy to extract the DNA and come up with an above average result. We then review the evidences keeping in mind the chain of custody form that is attached with the evidence. Every complex step is carried out carefully from visual inspection to intricate light sources that will detect blood stains and other sources of DNA that can be used for analysis. This can also done through comprehensive serology test that will also detect the presence of blood, saliva or semen.

Analysis Of Data And DNA

These materials would then be analyzed based on different factors like the amount of DNA that can be obtained and the kind of case. DNA testing systems like STR, Y-STR analysis, and mtDNA sequencing would then be carried out after this.

Interpretation Of Results

After all the analyses is done, our top-caliber forensic team will then interpret the results. These results are extracted from microscopic tests and several more tests for confirmation. We will then discuss, explain and simplify the results to our clients. All of these processes are carried out with high caution because we understand that the mere analysis of a single evidence can mean a lot to your future.

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We are here to help any and all that needs to find out the truth about their loved ones. our DNA test results can be for your peace of mind or for legal purposes, the result of our DNA tests are final and cannot be challenged. T4D™ DNA test service is private & 100% accurate and the results can be used as a legal document. Please feel free and contact us today so you may begin your journey to the truth.

Ways to collect samples: By TESTING4DNA.COM
Self-made cheek swab, FTA Classic Card, Whole Blood Cord Blood, Bloodstains, Sperm (Semen), Toenail or Fingernail Clippings, Amniotic Fluid, Chorionic Villus Sampling, Fetal Tissue ,Chewed Chewing Gum, Cigarette Butts, Hard Candy, Used Condom, Semen Stains On Clothing, Used Tampons or Used Feminine Pads, Sweaty Hat or Ball Cap Hocked Loogie (spit), Plucked Hair, Q-tips with earwax Snotty Kleenexes, Urine, Electric Razor Debris.

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