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If you're looking into Chicago DNA testing for peace of mind concerning matters of blood relation, but you've held reservations about the tests you would need, our team can help you to decide which package is right for you. We also serve legal-disputes requiring absolute certainty in the courtroom, and we can accommodate your needs within Chicago, internationally, and across the country.

We offer a wide-range of Chicago DNA testing services:

Paternity DNA testing

Testing to establish paternity is fairly commonplace. In some instances, if the beginning and ending of two relationships run very close together, and a child was conceived somewhere in that timeframe, a paternity test can be ordered to establish the identity of the father. Beyond the importance of established paternity in child support proceedings, health issues that require close-match donors are often drawn from family members. Being certain who a child's father is can be a lifesaver.

In less optimal circumstances, Chicago DNA testing can help settle issues of mistrust, and more gravely, it can provide legally-admissible proof of a rapist's identity for court proceedings (identification, fingerprints, and a captured photograph are required).

Immigration DNA Testing and DNA Testing For Family Relationship

Missing records are sometimes needed for families seeking to prove their biological relationship (when required) for immigration purposes. If an embassy requests an RFE (request for evidence) before granting a visa, a mere birth certificate won't likely be accepted. DNA testing satisfies strict immigration laws and may be obtained through an embassy physician. Immediate family (including grandparents) can be verified with the analysis of buccal samples (tissue swabbed from the mouth).

Other purposes, such as maternity testing or matters (such as inheritance) requiring verification of family lineage can also be performed at our facilities. These include testing for siblingship and Native American Ancestry tests.


Utilizing Chicago DNA testing for full or half-siblingship analysis can determine if siblings share the same parents, pinpoint whether twins are identical or fraternal, or prove a pair of children were switched at birth (for peace of mind or to satisfy the courts).

Native American DNA Testing

These tests can be ordered if you're tracking your tribe or common ancestors for a genealogy project. Guaranteed access to a particular tribe is not automatic if results are positive.

Male relatives can be tested to reveal haplogroups (like a family tree's "branch")with distinct values. Groups C and Q each prove Native American Ancestry in the paternal line.

Female relatives test for maternal haplogroups which result in A,B,C, or D if Native American heritage is present. DNA tests that look for Native ancestry from all ancestors aren't as exact. Usually, Asian roots are identified to prove Native American ancestors (who descended from them, for instance.

DNA Collection

Home test kits can't be used in court, but a Chain Of Custody or similar legal requests can ensure admissibility of analyzed DNA. Photo ID, fingerprinting, and having a picture are usually required at the test site for official tests.

The results of some DNA test services are available within 48 hours (others are available within 5 to 20 days), and they're considered final and indisputable. Chicago DNA testing specimens can be collected from materials containing stains and bodily fluids, tissues, or fibers that contain DNA (blood, semen, saliva, urine, sweat, earwax, skin tissues from razors, swabbed oral tissue, nasal residue from tissues such as Kleenex, hair, toenails, and fingernails).

Our service is available all over the globe. If a party crucial to your testing is living in another country, we can help.

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We are here to help any and all that needs to find out the truth about their loved ones. our DNA test results can be for your peace of mind or for legal purposes, the result of our DNA tests are final and cannot be challenged. T4D™ DNA test service is private & 100% accurate and the results can be used as a legal document. Please feel free and contact us today so you may begin your journey to the truth.

Ways to collect samples: By TESTING4DNA.COM
Self-made cheek swab, FTA Classic Card, Whole Blood Cord Blood, Bloodstains, Sperm (Semen), Toenail or Fingernail Clippings, Amniotic Fluid, Chorionic Villus Sampling, Fetal Tissue ,Chewed Chewing Gum, Cigarette Butts, Hard Candy, Used Condom, Semen Stains On Clothing, Used Tampons or Used Feminine Pads, Sweaty Hat or Ball Cap Hocked Loogie (spit), Plucked Hair, Q-tips with earwax Snotty Kleenexes, Urine, Electric Razor Debris.

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